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Bonanza History

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This site was originally dedicated to my 3rd generation Mazda RX-7. I've since sold it and now putting my focus on my 1950 B35 Bonanza airplane. I enjoyed my time modifying and driving such a wonderful car. Modified from 255 stock hp to 425 hp you can guess how fast this car was at approximately 2600lbs.
My driving toy is now my 1999 Corvette Hardtop.

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"I am faster than you"



This is my 1950 B35 V Tail Bonanza. It is amazing the quality of this aircraft built so many years ago. I call this Bonanza the "Resurrection". It was born again. The airplane hadn't flown for almost 10 years when it was purchased. The wings were removed and the aircraft was put on a flat bed truck and shipped to its new home at Harford County Maryland Airport. That was the beginning of a four year rebuild.


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